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We’ve Moved………..

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Thank you so much for your support, but now you can see what’s going on at http://www.catinasinches.com/.  Hope to see you there.


16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Understanding the life of a Butterfly………

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Butterflies are beautiful creatures.  Besides their beauty, they go through 4 stages in their life called metamorphosis.  Metamorphosis means a drastic change  in form: a complete change in appearance.  Every change serves has a purpose.  Our lives can be compared to the life of a butterfly. Through every stage of our life, we experience new things, learn from them, gather knowledge and grow into the person that we ultimately want to be. So whatever stage you are in your life, change is constant and will always be a beautiful thing.