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nOtE to SeLf: Tell Yourself It’s Ok

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It’s ok to cry, it shows that you are human. It’s ok to smile and share your joy.  It’s ok to be angry, it show your inner drive. It’s ok to be you!  Ful Figure Monologues……


Wisdom gets better with age

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Wisdom – Seeds of Light

Wisdom, clarity, patience, and the excitement to live each day to the fullest always gets better with age! Full Figure Monologues

nOtE to SeLf: An Upward Journey………

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When you look at this picture what do you see? Do you just see a snail on a pitchfork? If you look closer, you would see so much more. Despite the snail’s slow pace, it is still moving upward along its journey. It doesn’t matter how long the travel, just keep moving forward. Smart snail.  Full Figure Monologues blog………

Father’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy father’s day to our awesome dads and all the single moms! Have a wonderful day!

nOtE to SeLf: Sunshine

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Everyone needs a little sunshine in their day.        sunshine

Image: Salvatore Vuono

nOtE to SeLf: Thankful

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I am thankful for my blessings, everyday!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt…..

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I truly believe that beyond a shadow of a doubt that when someone continues to make excuses for themselves as to why they haven’t done something, they truly don’t believe in themselves to the fullest.  Things are going to happen, every now and then, and it’s to be expected. I guess excuses are like pillows, made for comfort.  Full Figure Monologues……..

nOtE to SeLf: I can see clearly now

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YoU know what I am starting to realize as I get older, what truly makes me happy. I can actually sit back and say hey, I truly enjoyed that. We spend so much time trying to enjoy what someone else enjoys, that we don’t know what it is that makes us smile. I am enjoying coming into my own and it feels great! Should have done it a long time ago. You live and you learn, and I am ok with that.  Full Figure Monologues

The COURAGE to try Something NEW!

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You know there comes a time in your life when you have to build up the courage to try something new. I have always wanted to play the bass guitar ever since I was a little girl, but did not have the opportunity to do so. Oh but now, I am ready and now I am actually doing it. Getting the confidence to do something that you have always wanted to do is GREAT! Now, what are you doing?

Just a note of self-expression

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