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We’ve Moved………..

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Thank you so much for your support, but now you can see what’s going on at http://www.catinasinches.com/.  Hope to see you there.


16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Understanding the life of a Butterfly………

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Butterflies are beautiful creatures.  Besides their beauty, they go through 4 stages in their life called metamorphosis.  Metamorphosis means a drastic change  in form: a complete change in appearance.  Every change serves has a purpose.  Our lives can be compared to the life of a butterfly. Through every stage of our life, we experience new things, learn from them, gather knowledge and grow into the person that we ultimately want to be. So whatever stage you are in your life, change is constant and will always be a beautiful thing.

Good bye, So Long, Farewell, Got A Go………….

In life, opinion, random thought on January 12, 2011 at 7:42 pm

I ran across a great source of inspiration from Outwardbound.org  from the O Magazine and I wanted to share:

A Farewell to CAN’T……….

This goodbye does not make me sad. I will not miss you. I have discovered

what it feels like to do the unthinkable.  You have no business here anymore. From now on

difficult will seem doable. I will see the impossible s simply not-yet-conqured. Farewell, Can’t!

You will haunt me never again.  Hello, CAN!

Welcome to my world.

Laughter, laughter, laughter. Did I say Laughter?

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I have had an opportunity to read  ” Laughter For A Woman’s Soul – Revive Your Spirit with Women of Faith ” by New Life Clinics.  This is a wonderful book and I wanted to share an excerpt from Barbara Johnson:

Human beings thrive on laughter. Since most of us can’t afford vacations in Hawaii, we have to learn to make our own fun!  Humor is the chocolate chips in the ice cream of life.  Since it doesn’t come to your door looking for you, you have to go out and get it yourself.

Those high heels that we love so much….

In fashion, opinion on January 4, 2011 at 8:03 pm

Ladies, there is never such a thing as having to many shoes.  And for some reason, we are absolutely in love with high heels. It seems that the higher they are the better.  But when it comes to discomfort, we really need to pay attention.   Dr. Oz  examines and provides advice for the shoes we love. 

 ” Alternate your heel height. High heels place 26% more pressure on your knees and up to 76% more pressure on the balls of your feet. Wearing them everyday can stiffen the Achilles tendons and permanently damage the muscles in your legs and joints in your feet. By alternating heels with various heights, you can lessen those effects.”

For all it’s worth even though we love heels, take heed to those aches and pains.  As the old adage says: take care of your feet and they will take care of you.

Dr. Oz excerpt taken from the Oprah Magazine January 2011.

Resolutions: The “It” List

In life, opinion, random thought on January 1, 2011 at 10:26 am

Here we go again, it is time for the most famous list of  the year:  The New Years Resolutions.   It is the most talked about list that starts off with optimum momentum and then slowly fades away.   In the process of promising what you are going to do, we often forget to insert the phrase, Simply Doing Me.   So for 2011, no more lists, simply just  do you!